Siena Castanares

Siena is an accomplished singer-songwriter, pianist, and electronic artist.   In her words, "Throughout my life I've been touched and inspired by beautiful songs and sincere lyrics, and I hope my music can move and inspire you just as my favorite songs do for me."

Craig Dickson

Member of the renown 70’s Portland band “Jacob’s Ladder” that toured internationally, opening for Fleetwoood Mac in Europe, played the Portland Vortex Festival as well as Woodstock in NY. Wrote Herb Alpert’s hit “Rise” and also toured and played bass for Paul Butterfield and Tina Turner.

Scot Gavic

Well known in the business community, Scot makes it apparent he could have had a vocal career.   With a voice so powerful a microphone is redundant and a born leader of the party, Scot delivers maximum entertainment every show.

It's been said that 99W Band Frontman Scot Gavic belts out a song with enough power that a microphone seems redundant and the beautiful voice of Siena Castanares is the perfect compliment to any song.  Busting out classic rock and power pop from the 60's to present day, the 99W Band pleases audiences wherever they go.

Dave Ling

From membership of the local band "Earth" in the 60's with Craig Dickson until today with the 99W Band, Dave's primary goal is bringing the joy of music to an audience.  

Jeff Cole

Jeff has performed with cover bands and original music groups since he was 16. He played drums on local singer/songwriter Andy Harrison’s debut album, “Butterflies and Demons.”  Three songs from the album were released nationally and internationally, two of which reached number 1 and number 3 on the Gavin Up & Coming Chart.  Jeff also contributed drum tracks on local artist Julie Larson’s “Freedom” album, which received high praise in Billboard Magazine.

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